Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with Tex Leiko

We have author Tex Leiko here this week talking about himself and his writing! Drop a comment below to be eligible to win a free signed copy of his novel, Crimson Rain.

WR: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you write? Why?

T: I write science fiction because I love technology. I love the idea of exploring the stars and what the future holds. However, I tend to write about dystopian societies because it doesn’t take a genius to look around at the world and see that things are wrong and only getting worse. Anyhow, I have much hope for the future, however I write the way I envision worst case.

I also write fantasy, it is yet to be published (though my first work, Crimson Rain, has elements that border fantasy) Anyway, I also write fantasy because as a kid growing up I did nothing but nerd out on both pen and paper rpgs as well as just about everything that came out on PC. I loved the classics like Lord Of The Rings and a lot of R.A. Salvatore’s works.

Last but not least, I like to dabble in steam-punk and western themes. Mostly because I hate westerns in general. The wild west was a fun and interesting time, however most tales that I see/read of that era are utterly and completely boring! I don’t care enough to write a true western however I do like throwing those elements in to a story which is why steam-punk interests me greatly.

WR: If you could be any one of your characters, who would you choose?

T: I don’t know how to break this to you all… But I am already two of my characters, and in all reality I am all of them and they are all me. I’m happy with that, I wouldn’t want to be any of them because I have to be all of them.

WR: What is your creative process like? Do you need music to write? Silence?

T: It is always different, it just depends on what kind of scene I am working on. Sometimes I’m drinkin’ scotch and blasting music, everything from heavy-metal, to 40’s-50’s jazz to hardcore ambient techno. Other times, total silence, and on occasion, while having a full on conversation with my fiancĂ©e. Anyhow, my creative process is just me living and doing my thing, if you’re looking for any tips on inspiration all I’ve got to say is go live life, and imagine.

WR: What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

T: Katy Perry in a blue wig, Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” cus it makes me giggle, those frickin’ chewy ginger candies and lighting things on fire to watch them burn!

WR: What inspires you?

T: Life and just really…taking it in.

WR: What is one of your worst pet peeves?

T: Being late, or slow with anything. Or being incompetent! I am currently an amateur author and though I can’t go into great detail, with my current job I am constantly forced into working with people who don’t know how to do their frickin’ job and it is really frickin’ important that they do, but they don’t! *End rant*

WR: Describe what a perfect day would be for you.

T: Wake up, get laid, go rock climb, get laid again, have some scotch while twirling it in a glass and overlooking a cityscape, ride my bike down to a cruddy hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant and get a huge bowl of Pho and some fresh spring rolls, take the scenic route through the park to get home, get laid, do some writing, get laid then go to sleep.

WR: If you could bring any fictional character to life, yours or anyone else’s, who would you pick?

T: Ares…from the Korean manga, Ares. That character is radical, though he is fictional (I know) he lived a life of loss. Loss of family, later the loss of his master and a total jerk cutting out one of his eyes and left bleeding with his mortal enemy taunting him to come and take his revenge…at this point he is eight years old.
Joins a group of mercenaries at like age twelve, makes a best friend…best friend is the king of an enemy country and he betrays your friendship but taking everything he learned about you and your country and uses it to wage war against you! WTF!!! But still, Ares just moves ahead. He finds the silver lining and doesn’t stop, never gives up, and in the end has a heart large enough to forgive some who don’t deserve it. Also he is a total badass who is always taking on fights in which he is outnumbered and typically wins hands down.

WR: If you could shape-shift, what animal would you turn into and why?

T: An arctic wolf. Man they’re beautiful.

WR: Where can we find you and your work around the web?

T: Well I have my own site, There you will find updates and whatever. I will post teaser chapters to upcoming works and works that are out, maybe the occasional short story or poem, we will see. I’m new to the whole posting interweb materials and whatnot.

Also I have a facebook page, an author one and a personal one. Be sure to go and “like” me, that is if you like me.

Last but not least my publisher’s website,


  1. This is Kathy Weis :)

    You seem like a very interesting person Mr. Leiko, who evidently has getting laid on his mind ALOT!! LOL

  2. Excellent observation Kathy my dear! It is what we in the
    "business" call "spring fever". Though, I don't know what business that is, I just made that up right there. Anyway, you've been there cheerin' me on and supportin' me from the very start with my facebook page and all of that so I would like to say thanks! A special thanks to all of my early fans, also think of this added benefit.
    If a lot of people care about my books and you are at a cocktail party filled with those people you can be all like, "Yeah I pretty-much started reading him when he was released. He even recognized my comment and gave me a personalized response before he got all big and famous, so yea we are like this,"
    you now cross fingers and hold it up for the whole party to see. The music stops, people are all like *gasp* in sudden amazement and realization of how amazingly cool you are. The vinyl record player that was previous playing has now come to a grinding halt and made that BBBBRRRRRPPP noise. Also you now have mad street cred and thus the party resumes but now everyone wants to talk to you... Or, more probably, none of that will ever happen. But thanks for the support regardless!

  3. I want to go to there (this party).