Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Diana Castilleja

We have Diana Castilleja here today to talk about herself and her wonderful books! Drop a comment below to have a chance to win a pdf copy of her book Resurrection. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

 Wolf Brother's Legacy: Resurrection

WR: What do you write? Why?

Well, I’m a SAHM, been writing since August of 2004, with some serious ups and downs. I write just about anything that strikes my fancy, aside from Horror or Historical. Can’t do the first and the second… Well, a caterwauling feline would do a better job than my interpretation of Historical. I like being able to write what inspires me, from paranormal to suspense to erotic. I like digging into the characters to get them real in the stories.

WR: If you could be any one of your characters, who would you choose?
Any one, huh? Honestly, that’s just too hard to narrow down. I like a lot of my characters and feel strongest about the whomever I’m working on at that time. I’d love to envision myself in some of their lives, but as just one? How about just one who doesn’t have to do dishes or laundry. I’d totally be that person. LOL!

WR: What is your creative process like? Do you need music to write? Silence?

Usually, I can sit and write, but I get distracted by the evil that is Facebook. I really like the Zynga games. Bad, bad, distraction there. I listen to music a lot if I’m not alone. It drowns out the others in the house who have to listen to the TV too loud, or the boy screaming at his video game when it doesn’t go his way. I don’t typically need music or silence to work, though. It sure doesn’t hurt though to have my ears plugged! 

WR: What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Going to get my nails done. It’s the only thing I really consider a “me” splurge. I’m usually alone for a few hours of no house stuff, no work stuff, no child stuff, and definitely no man stuff. haha.

WR: What inspires you?
Usually what I’m reading, or if someone pops up and says “Any takers for ____ (Insert book theme idea). Yeah, I’m the idiot who always volunteers for those even I don’t have a single clue of what I could write about. Somehow I manage to pull a book out of thin air.

WR: What is one of your worst pet peeves?
Messing with dialogue. Do NOT tamper with dialogue. Now if it’s a you’re/your deal, that’s totally okay, but if characters say ain’t it’s because they say it! *deep breath* That’s on the personal side. On the reader side of things: I hate getting a book that’s been poorly edited. It shows very little commitment from the author and/or publisher. Mistakes happen, even in the most nitpicked book. But not every page, or more. It usually won’t keep me from buying again, but I’m way more cautious about it.

WR: Describe what a perfect day would be for you.

No family interruptions, sleeping in late, having someone cook for me and clean up their mess. Hours and hours of uninterrupted writing/reading/goofing off, at will. And maybe getting my nails done again. hahahaha. :)

WR: If you could bring any fictional character to life, yours or anyone else’s, who would you pick?
I really like Delany Coltrane from Delany’s Catch. He seems like a forthright kind of character (no pun intended) and would shoot it straight, y’know. He’s kind, considerate, and cares about his family and friends. He’s a good guy. Aside from him, Charlie and Gregory from The Charlie Factor, because if I could get those two, I know the rest of the crew would show up. It’s just a given. I think it would just be fun to hang out with them.

WR: If you could shape-shift, what animal would you turn into and why?
I love wolves, dragons, tigers or just about any cat. I’m not picky. If I could shape shift, wouldn’t that be reason enough?

WR: Where can we find you and your work around the web?

This is pretty easy.
I also have a newsletter loop :  Pretty laid back and quiet. Then there’s the Facebook pages.
Please catch me at either of those for the most up to date info.

Thanks for letting me guest on the blog!


  1. hello diana great review ,, luv your work alway's ...jose luis (facebook)

  2. Great answers, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Joe! Good to see you always.

    Hugs back at ya Gabrielle.

  4. How fun, Diana! I love manicures and pedicures, too--I love sitting around and not being able to do anything for a while ;) But manis don't last long enough for me though--I seem to wreck them that very day ;p And ah... sleeping in late would be a dream ;) Hope you get that one of these days!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. Hi Fedora! :) I gave up the nails for ages when the boy was young, but then started again and now it's my spoil me splurge. Plain manicures don't last with me either, I have to get solar nails done. They last.

  6. Hi Thanks for a great interview. I totally agree with the pet peeve. I can "hear" characters talking in my head and language is very personality specific. Manicures are a personal pleasure you deserve. Keep that in mind.
    Just saying

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  7. I am going to have to look into that--I haven't heard about solar nails! Thanks for the tip, Diana!

  8. Hey guys! Sorry I didn't announce this sooner! Lost track of time, but the winner of the copy of Resurrection is....
    I'll email direct for contact.
    Thanks again for everyone who stopped by. :)