Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot New Titles from World Castle!

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When Jared Stone goes undercover to investigate an employee of his father's company he expects to find a man abusing his power and ignoring his responsibilities.

Willow James in neither a man nor an incompetent site foreman. And soon Jared finds himself going undercover of a different sort. Together they must navigate a world of drugs, murder and intrigue.

Can their passion see them through the dark nights and dangerous days? Or will they be pulled apart by the same forces that they are trying to conquer?

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Space Resources, Inc. (SRI) mines asteroids for the riches a populated Earth needs without degrading the planet. Yet there are those opposed to progress in whatever its form such as the Gaia Alliance, a front group for eco-terrorists. During a violent attack on the Moon, the terrorists steal an exploration ship, arm it, and rename it the Rock Killer. Charlene "Charlie" Jones of SRI security is trying to infiltrate the Gaia Alliance's cabal to find evidence linking them to the murder of her fiancé. But a run-in with the law threatens to reveal her identity to the dangerous men of the Alliance. Simultaneously, SRI Director Alexander Chun is traveling to the asteroid belt to bring a kilometer-long nickel-iron rock back to Earth orbit to mine for its valuable metals. Following him and his multi-national team is the Rock Killer. Without armaments, millions of miles from help, Chun must stop those who threaten him and the lives of his crew.

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Noremway Parish, founded 2,000 years ago by the Great Savior Ragas Moilere, is the largest of the small villages in what is known as the Inner-Crescent. The last bastion of humanity after the war with the demons known as the Darkness, or the Chaos, the continued existence of Noremway Parish is imperative to the survival of the human race. But now, the Darkness has returned to claim what it couldn't before, and it starts in the most peculiar way.

The Story Teller, a mythical creature of a bygone age, narrates a tale that is soon ripped from his web of creation and altered by the Darkness. The people of Noremway Parish have no idea that the story they inhabit has just been hi-jacked by forces determined to destroy them.

Mayor Tomias Waterman, the man whose leadership holds the parish together, is killed immediately along with his wife and unborn child. Without Mayor Waterman's guidance, those who would seek power in his place tear the parish apart, allowing the forces of the Dark to circumvent the protection offered by the Great Ragas.

It is up to Brother Decon and Sister Teret to bring the parish back together before its too late. But does their forbidden love undermine all they seek to accomplish?

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