Monday, January 23, 2012

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Driving down the rocky path I saw the overgrown grass, weeds and poison ivy overtaking the outer perimeter of the bushes. The smell of mildew, the stench of the dried bones of animals killed by cars along this dirt road coming up from the ground, the sadness on the faces of the drivers in the cars behind us; you could feel the pain and sorrow. As you looked inside the cars and saw the faces of the drivers, you began to wonder what they were thinking, their thoughts and feelings as they travelled down life's highway, possibly for the very last time. What stories lie behind the faces behind the wheel of each car? What stories lie hidden?, so many stories. Here are seven that will make chills run down your spine and make you wonder: What lies behind the stones? Who lives there? Only the Faces Behind the Stones Know the Answers!

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This is all the dating experience you will ever need! Save yourself the time and embarrassment while still relishing in all the juicy details of disaster and humor that unravel when dates go terribly wrong.

After decades of being married and now in his sixties, Richard Wiener dove head first into the dating world only to learn things had changed. How many spry cougars & belching athletic bodies with hidden agendas & occasional incontinence does one have to survive? He certainly did't recall these issues from his single life at 21. He may not have emerged from dating with a new love but he did survive with a few stories to tell and thankfully, all appendages in tact.

Check Please & Hurry is a men vs. women tell all of disaster dates that explore the ugly & charming truth of getting back out there!

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